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A personal fall-protection system is an assembly of components to protect the user against fall from a height. It includes a body-holding device connected to a reliable anchor. This section presents a wide range of high-quality, ready-to-use fall-protection system, adapted to the requirements of technical industries involving work at a height.

These advance working kits are specifically designed to make the user's job easier by being comfortable, easy to adjust and fully compatible with other elements. Individual components also have high technical and performance characteristics in terms of strength and durability.


A fall arrest system prevents the user from colliding with the ground in a free fall, ensuring his safety.

Fall arrest systems must contain a full-body harness connected to available, secure anchorage point. The force experienced by the wearer during any fall must be less than 6 KN.


A fall-protection system with adequate work Positioning enables the user to work in high Altitude without risk and fear

Work positioning system for comfort while working, plus the fall-arrest system (twin lanyards) for getting to the work position and as a back-up when working in tension on the positioning system.


A fall arrest system to protect in all climbing situations.

By carrying the option to switch from fixed to portable fall-arrest systems. The pylon climbers can remain relatively safe in all situations. Twin lanyards are a standard method of protection, together with rope grab system, flexible or fixed.


The personal fall-protection system, restricts the movement of the user, enhancing safety.

By using a lightweight rope, the worker can remain secure, and also move freely over large areas. Methods of securing the line include specified and fitted anchor points, deadweights positioned at the ground level on the far side of the edge.


"Personal fall protection system, which uses two separately secured sub-systems, one as the means of support and the other as a safety back-up".

A safe system of work for rope access must have a completely independent attachment in addition to the suspension system.











The range of head protective equipment is developed in consultation with users and professionals, designed to protect the head of the wearer against falling objects by resisting penetration and reducing impact on the head and body. These products are critically tested as a result of which their efficacy has now been proven across the construction, mining, oil rigging, utilities, defence and telecommunication industries.


The Fusion safety helmet is beyond international contemporaries in terms of performance, protection and comfort, providing a high level of protection against multiple hazards in factories, construction sites and other locations.

Fusion possesses striking features with modern design, extended nape, reduced peak and a fully retractable visor, which is easy to pull down and retract, providing instant eye protection to workers without impending the work flow.


Helmet with Ear Muff

High quality, lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-use Helmet with ear defender for a wide range of industrial applications.

Ultra helmet with visor

Helmet with ABS carrier for increased robustness and continued workplace performance.


ELEGANT ET-60 Ear Muff :
  • Designed to offer an excellent noise attenuation combined with long-term wearer comfort

  • Adjustable to suit the comfort and preference of the individual wearer

  • When not in use, suspended over the helmet to eliminate contact with dirty helmet, reducing contamination and cushioning distortion

  • Can be mounted on helmets with universal slots

Spartan E-40 :
  • General purpose earmuff

  • Personal adjustment by simply sliding the cups up and down

  • Can be worn for a long duration due to low headband pressure and specially designed cushions

ELEGANT ET-50 Ear Muff :
  • Designed to offer excellent noise attenuation combined with long-term wearer comfort

  • Adjustable to suit the comfort and preference of the individual wearer

  • Customised to be used with only Ultra Helmets

Multifarious industrial activity generates flying debris (wood, paint chips, dust particles, concrete splinters and nails), which can cause serious injury. In such situations, a worker's eyes are constantly subject to impact hazards. While working, it is therefore imperative that adequate protection be taken in the form of eye shields, spectacles, face shields and goggles.

Helmet Face Screen Adapter Ref: FC 200
Face Shield with Wire Mesh
Face Screens :
  • Material: Lexan clear
  • Standard: as per EN 166 1B93
  • Model: FS 100 and FS 200
  • Heat distortion temperature: 265 F
  • Izod impact value: 18
  • Light transmission: 85% in clear
Eye Protection
  • A range of new-generation lightweight safety spectacles designed for the contemporary worker, advocating a standard for end-user acceptance.
  • All our eyewear provide ample protection against UV rays. Smoked lenses increase the scope of protection, as through optical filtering, the access of light is limited.

Phoenix UD 71 :

Completely wraparound in design, allows unrestricted vision.

Phoenix Edge UD 81 :

Completely wraparound in design, allows for unrestricted vision with soft rubber temple tips for long-duration working. EN 166

UD 39 :

Direct vent perforated goggle, providing wide-vision and pressure-free fit.


Edge made out of 1.812 mm top quality genuine leather, high visibility nylon laces.200gsm air mesh lining for supreme comfort and breath ability reflective trim, logo. High carbon anodized rust resistant steel toe &energy absorbing EVA heel for extra comfort.




Tango made out of top quality genuine leather High carbon anodized rust resistant steel toe & energy absorbing EVA heel for extra comfort


X-strong safety shoe made out of genuine Leather.


Colin safety shoe made out of genuine leather and PVC sole

Rapid PU :

Rapid PU safety shoe made out of genuine Leather. Padded collar lining cambrelle with foam hydrocarbon & slip resistant sole. Impregnated no-woven antistatic in sole & excellent abrasion resistance.


Full Gumboot Acid/alkali resistant inside lining black in color. Steel toecap confirming to test performance as per IS15298 Part-II (200Joules)

  • High-intensity xenon bi-pin bulb and two ultra-bright LEDs

  • Strobe and Steady Modes.

  • Up to 31,000 peak beam candlepower with xenon bulb ( bulb lumen:50 typical).

  • Run time up to 13 hrs. with Steady xenon; 9 hrs. with steady xenon & LEDs; up to 60 hours  with  blinking LEDs only.

  • 6V 4.5 amp-hour rechargeable battery can be recharged up to 500 times.

  • 19.05cm (L) x 12.7cm (W) x 16.51cm (H) / 1.5kg.

  • 3 watt supper high-flux LED, with 50,000 hour lifetime

  • Lamp and battery housing and battery base made of high-impact, super-tough nylon for exceptional durability

  • LED Rating: 65 Lumens typical. Deep-dish parabolic reflector produce narrow beam with a 500ft. range; ideal for smoke cutting application. Optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation.

  • Runtimes: up to 6 hrs. low beam

  • All opening are O-ring sealed for weather resistance

  • Powered by 3 "AA" alkaline batteries
  • 1 watt super high-flux LED
  • 34 lumens typical
  • Impact resistant housing Includes elastic head strap and rubber hard hat strap
  • Up to 11 hours of runtime, declining output to 25% intensity
  • 0.127 kg
Safety Fencing :

Barrication is one of the prime factors to protect persons against possible danger of falling inside excavated pits, manholes etc. This is used as Warning Barriers. So long precautious against Barrication Process, was being taken care off, by providing Barrication tapes, which had many disadvantages. Often this Barrication tapes get jumble up and tearoff due to Wind Pressure.

The new version of Barrication in present day trend is "Safety Fencing", made of PE, ultra violet stabilized with rectangular type meshing. It is hardy and strong against wind, antitearing & better structure stability, also reasuable. It is available in mesh size 65mm x 35 mm of Roll size 1 meter width x 50 meters length.