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Road Safety Cones

Traffic Safety cones provides great relief in diverting and managing the traffic in heavily rushed areas. Cones are of high quality and long life durable. VR Traffic Safety cones comes with high reflective sleeves for night time reflectivity. Traffic Safety Cones can be used on highway, at constructions sites, at parking lots etc.

Spring Post

Aktion Spring Post is made of special flexible material (Poly-Urathane). It can quickly restored to its original shape without doing any damage to spring post as well as vehicles in case of high speed collisions. Three Bands of reflective tape is pasted on the spring post for high visibility even in bad weather conditions. It keeps excellent mechanical & chemical resistance (UV stabilized) so that it will not discolored. The base of spring post is fixed on the road surface with the help of three bolts and special epoxy bond.

Delineators Post

Aktion Delineations are suitable for all kinds of roads. Their reflectors gives best reflective performance to show the road geometry during day and night making it convenient for drivers and keep them away from road hazards. These results in avoidance of accidents.

Road Barrier

Provides strong and highly reflective Barricading Products are suitable for warning of danger or cordoning - off potential hazards. These are more effective, safe and stable than drums, posts and cones.

Speed Bumps

Speed humps are raised devices, parabolic in shape, placed across the road to slow traffic.Often considered the most traditional physical traffic calming solutions, speed humps calm traffic more gradually then speed bumps, although less so than speed tables

Solar Studs / delineators

Road Studs are one of the most important part of the fast moving traffic in night, as they provide proper direction and lane endings and road sides, to avoid any mishappening.

Road Studs

Road Studs


Aktion reflectors are designed to give the maximum reflective which enhances the visibility of the vehicles during dark & bad light conditions. Their high reflection gives the drivers an extra time to take evasive action. Reflectors are fixed with base plate in a special manner to protect the inner surface from dust, water & humidity which enhances life of the reflectors. They never get discolored because of special material used.

Electronics Safety Devices

Aktion safety Light Bar is made out of strong material polycarbonate and ABS. LED and fluorescent cast viny film is used in the light bar to emit a highly visible signal. For proper sealing water proof ring is provided around the polycarbonate bar which increase the life of safety bar in all weather conditions. A handle is provided for better gripping. A multifunction switch is provided to select desired functions.

Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Under Vehicle Search Mirror

Parking Solutions

Made from recycled rubber, our parking blocks use two anchoring bolts. Parking Blocks can withstand great pressures from reversing vehicles

Convex Mirror

Convex Mirror